Alpha Szenszor is a provider of advanced e-nose technology for a wide range of life science applications. The Company’s proprietary Carbon Nanotube BioSensor technology has demonstrated direct, digital, state of the art sensitivity and selectivity that rivals most desktop units, but with the added benefit of consumer electronics price points and miniaturization. The ASI CNTnose also eliminates the need for cumbersome optical fluorescence and amplification techniques typically employed in biological testing, thus greatly reducing reagent costs and improving response time and portability.

The Company’s sensors respond to reactions involving proteins, nucleic acid and other chemical compounds, and are compatible with all industry standard electronic appliances. ASI’s sensors are particularly effective in detecting gaseous biomarkers in human breath as well as in open air environments. ASI is currently addressing applications in Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Metabolic Diseases and Pharmacometabolomics.